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Only place i could find to try such a small serving of Pet CBD, 5 stars - M. Phelan

CBD Oil for Pets 5% – 2ml

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  • Full-Spectrum
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fully Traceable & Transparent

Pet CBD Oil mixed with Salmon Oil in a mini 2ml tincture.

Allergen Information Gluten Free
ProductCBD Oil
Strength500mg of CBD
Volume 2 mils
Ingredients Hemp Oil Extract, Salmon Oil
Lab TestYes

Get 1 whole week of CBD Oil for Pets with our 2ml Mini Tincture for dogs and cats! Just 4 drops of this sample per day is all an owner needs to add powerful cannabinoids to their pet’s daily diet.

We add nutritious salmon oil to our pet formula to appeal to your animal’s tastebuds! Our furry customers love this product and so do we, that is why we created a 2ml tincture for newbies to try.

If you wish to try CBD oil for your dog or cat, or want to check if your fussy pet will take to CBD supplements, then this Mini Tincture is the perfect choice!


Hemp extract (CBD 500mg) with Salmon Oil as the carrier.


Add 4 drops per day to your pet’s food bowl in one dose. Use daily until the sample is finished. Drops can also be placed on a treat such as a dog biscuit.

If you have an extra picky pet, drops can be applied to the pad of a paw and massaged into the skin here.

Free Samples

Would your canine or feline-like to try our CBD Oil for free? Now they can! Our CBD for Pets 2ml sample is available to new customers only at zero cost. To avail of this offer please visit our new customer page.


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Which pet product is this tincture equivalent to?

The CBD formula in our 2ml pet tincture is the same as our 5% (500mg) CBD Oil for Pets. This is the middle strength option in our pet range and suits most dogs and cats.

How do I give this Pet Oil to my pet?

Add the drops to your pet’s food daily. Just one dose per day is enough to supplement their diet with this oil. Either add the drops to a main meal and mix well into their food or drop onto a treat. You can also massage the oil into an area of skin, the pad of a paw is a good option, if your pet cannot take the oil orally or is extra fussy.

How will I know which pet product to order once this tincture is finished?

If you think your pet enjoyed our mini tincture, then you will know to stick with the 5% CBD Oil for Pets. If you think your pet needs a little more potency in their supplement or you would simply like to use less drops every day, then move up to the 10% option. As always if you are unsure or have any questions do not hesitate to message us via the instant chat.

Is CBD Oil Safe for my pet?

Yes! CBD Oil is completely safe for animals to take daily. It is free of toxins and research trials show little to no side effects on animals. It is always advised to monitor your pet closely when starting out on a CBD Oil for Pets supplement.


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